Thermosense XXXVI Vendors Session at SPIE DSS – Baltimore

5 May 2014 | Time: 12:00 PM – 4:40 PM

Scren shot_ThermoSense LogoOnline?? –?? The Vendors Session was started nine years ago and has been very popular.

This venue provides an early opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their latest technology and products to the Thermosense and IR community (SPIE DSS) prior to the opening of the exhibit.

Any exhibitor offering products or services related to infrared sensing or imaging can participate, but vendor time slots are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis .

(All exhibitors are eligible to present) The list of participating vendors and the content of their presentations will appear in the final program.

This is a casual meeting with ample time for questions and answers. Looking for state-of-the-art in future generation of IR imagers radiometric and non radiometric and IR image processing systems and all other hardware and software involve in the Infrared applications.{*}

See more SPIE vendors announcement in the following link: – SPIE DSS 2014 Industry Events (Not listed the program yet as of 03/15)


Be Exhibitors at SPIE DSS2013 Exhibits
Abstract – Manuscript: Non required
Presentation on site: Flexible.. Power Point ??? other – Allowed to bring and show equipments to the audience
Length of presentation around (10 -15 minutes)
Contents: Technical – Commercial – Non restrictions

Presenter Information required:
Name, title, affiliation and contact information for the presenter

Title of presentation

Brief (one line) summary of presentation content

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact: Herb Kaplan or Andres Rozlosnik at

{*} The content -topics of submissions has no restrictions within what is Infrared Imaging Hardware, accessories etc and Software (Technical ???Commercial) anyway find below list of hardware ,software ??and topics related or equipment specifications
(non mandatory) that may be of interest to the audience.. also presentation of company background list of products etc .

The following list is only for exhibitors orientation

  • Detectors /IR Modules– Cool  Uncooled FPA Number of pixels –Pixel pitch –Fill factor — New materials- Advances in coolers — Quantum efficiency–Time constant Speed of response — D* — Spectral responsivity.
  • Infrared Cameras (NIR /SWIR /MWIR/LWIR): Portable Non Portables IR cameras for passive & active applications Accuracy –New electronics interfaces –Environmental protection – Advances in batteries technologies- Cameras for explosive atmospheres regulations  Visual camera & target illuminator Characterization of Infrared cameras: NEP – NETD– FOV – IFOV – MTF – MRTD– SRF- Integration time–Signal noise improvement—Dynamic range??? Non Uniformity corrections– Infrared cameras cores — Infrared cameras enclosures  Accessories — Temperature resolution???Radiance uncertainty reduction.
  • IR Lenses IR Lens alternatives /Technology — Infrared mechanical zoom lenses ???F-numbers — Vignetting ???Narcissus effect???Lenses new materials.
  • Blackbodies: Collimators– Cavity blackbodies –Extended area blackbodies –Differential blackbodies Target projectors – Portable calibration devices– Vacuum temperature blackbody–Primary Standards for Temperature Calibration—Temperature Metrology.
  • Integrated Infrared systems: Aerial thermography — Lock-in thermography — Pulse thermography – Pulse phase thermography — Stress and fatigue analysis — Vibro thermography

Thermal wave imaging –Thermal tomography — Forensic — Biometrics systems –Industrial process continuous monitoring –Bridge deck monitoring — Systems for continuous volcanoes monitoring –Surveillance & Military mid and long range integrated systems–Forest fire integrated systems –Infrared cameras systems for fire fighters–Traffic Control systems — Wireless systems – IR Systems — Thermal Weapon Sight — Space qualify IR– Infrared systems unmanned air-reconnaissance — Outdoor Scanners, Pan & Tilts –IR Remote Sensing systems — Automotive night vision camera systems (cars & trucks & buses) — Infrared systems used in aircraft landing assistance systems– Infrared systems in Robotics–Infrared systems for detect gas leak–Used of Artificial intelligence in IR.

  • Imaging Spectroradiometer–Micro-Spectrometers– Hyper spectral Imaging system –Instruments for measurement: Directional reflectance / Hemispherical emissivity –Spectral / Total directional emissivity / Bidirectional reflectance (BRDF) spectral/total –directional hemispherical transmittance.
  • Semitransparent materials– Infrared windows / Filters; Lenses & IR windows coatings??–IR Mirrors — Reflectors.
  • Infrared fibers optics /Infrared microcopy systems.Software: Infrared signature software analysis /Real time analysis software — Thermal modeling & FEA software — Infrared image documentation software — Energy Audit software. Signal processing software. Barcode & Labels Printing data base IR Software.Fusion imaging ??? (UV/VIS/NIR /SWIR /MWIR/LWIR)