Think you can???t afford 640×480 resolution?

Introducing the HotShot HD-B ??? the thermography professional???s choice in high performance infrared cameras.
San Bruno CA, USA — HotShot HD integrates state-of-the-art infrared imaging technology, a new dual laser hot spot highlighter and software functionality created to address the demands of heavy duty infrared camera users.

Stunning 640×480 infrared image details combined with an integrated, high quality megapixel visible camera and advanced image fusion greatly improves image interpretation and the quality of infrared inspection reports.


  • Razor-sharp 640×480 Pixel Thermal Images
  • Highest Thermal Sensitivity Available
  • Thermal Visible Image Fusion
  • LaZir-X – Dual Laser Target Highlighter
  • Easy to Operate

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the complete set of HotShot hardware and software specifications.

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