Three New Electrical Test & Measurement Meters with Thermal Infrared Imaging

New FLIR HVAC/R Products

Three New Electrical Test and Measurement Meters with Thermal ImagingOnline  —  FLIR has announced three test and measurement tools with thermal imaging that give electricians and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) pros a range of new equipment options.

The three thermal imaging products, featuring FLIR’s Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) technology powered by FLIR’s Lepton® micro thermal camera, include two digital multimeters, the FLIR DM166 and FLIR DM285, and a clamp meter, the FLIR CM275.

Why thermal imaging matters to an electrician or HVAC/R pro

DM166 and DM285Contractors and building pros have for years experienced the benefits of using thermal imaging to find potential issues in buildings and construction. For electricians, excessive heat often indicates an electrical fault.

An electrician or HVAC/R pro wielding a thermal imager can quickly identify temperature-related issues and pinpoint their sources without actual contact with wires.

The latest generation FLIR IGM products allow pros to visualize heat and temperature anomalies on a built-in screen.

Three New Electrical Test and Measurement Meters with Thermal ImagingThe new products include:

  • FLIR DM285: The 18-function, 160×120 thermal resolution FLIR DM285 ($699.99) becomes FLIR’s most advanced digital multimeter. Besides IGM, the FLIR DM285 features onboard storage for measurements and images, and wireless connectivity to streamline the inspection process and simplify data collection, sharing, and reporting. This DMM also measures temperatures up to 400 °C.
  • FLIR CM275: FLIR’s newest, most advanced 600-amp AC/DC clamp meter ($699.99) offers 160×120 thermal resolution to quickly highlight areas of concern. The FLIR CM275 has a wide range of measurement functions, plus Bluetooth connectivity, image storage, and a screen that’s more than 40% larger than the previous model.
  • FLIR DM166: FLIR’s most affordable digital multimeter/thermal imager combination, the FLIR DM166 ($499.99) features 80×60 thermal resolution, broad multimeter test functions, and the flexibility for use in both high- and low-voltage applications.


Each product features a durable, drop-tested design and carries a 10-year warranty on both the product and the thermal detector.

All new products will be on display this week at the North American Electrical Contractors (NECA) Show in Seattle, Washington in Booth 619.

The CM275, DM285, and DM166 will be available in the fourth quarter 2017.

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