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Chorley, UK — Lambda Calibration is a?? UKAS temperature laboratory that uses a range of reference platinum resistance thermometers, noble metal thermocouples, stirred liquid baths, specially designed isothermal calibration furnaces and black body sources to provide a comprehensive facility for cost-effective thermometer calibration over the range -35 ??C to 1,200 ??C.

Both contact thermometers such as thermocouples, PRTs & dial thermometers, and non-contact infrared thermometers & thermal imaging cameras are covered.

Lambda Calibration?? can even calibrate temperature sources such a dry block calibrators or calibration baths.

The temperature calibration service company will also be able to offer stand-alone UKAS calibration of digital thermometer readouts. As these are essentially an electrical instrument they are calibrated in the calibration services electrical laboratory.

The calibration uncertainties detailed below are typical examples of our best calibration and measurement capability for a reasonably repeatable thermometer.

The final uncertainties quoted on the calibration certificate will include an allowance for the actual repeatability of the thermometer under test during the calibration.

If the thermometer was submitted with its own readout and hence calibrated as a system, then an additional allowance will be included in the uncertainty budget to cover the resolution of the thermometer readout.

Indicating Thermometer Calibration (thermometer with readout, calibrated as a system). The device under test may be an electronic display with an attached probe. All thermometer probe types are covered, including PRT, thermistor or thermocouple.

Dial thermometer and chart recorder type devices are also covered.

The basic calibration uncertainty will be a little better than the uncertainties achievable for 4 wire PRTs, plus allowances for repeatability of the device under test and resolution of its readout.

Calibration of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras (Thermal Imager)?? that are able to display a measured radiant temperature should be calibrated.

Our temperature ranges and uncertainties for UKAS calibration of a Thermal Imager will be similar to those quoted for an infrared thermometer calibration.

About Lambda Calibration

An independent laboratory providing UKAS accredited gauge, meter and equipment calibration services throughout the UK and Ireland, with years of experience spanning all sectors and UKAS accreditations across multiple disciplines.

Calibration, basically involves the comparison of a measuring instrument, the Unit Under Test (UUT) to a Standard of known accuracy.


The standard would ideally be more accurate than the UUT and have its own calibration certificate which can be traced back through an unbroken chain of calibrated standards to an appropriate standard held by a National Laboratory.

In the UK, this would be the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

UKAS Calibration is essentially calibration undertaken by a laboratory which has been independently audited and subsequently accredited by UKAS to carry out the work.

Lambda Calibration’s?? UKAS Certificate of Accreditation can be downloaded from their ‘Downloads‘

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