ULIS welcomes South Korean delegates to its thermal infrared image sensor manufacturing site

Potential to strengthen economic ties between Grenoble-based & South Korea Firms

ULIS_LogoVeurey-Voroize, France – ULIS, a manufacturer of innovative thermal image sensors for the surveillance, thermography, defense and outdoor leisure markets, announces today that the company welcomed 18 South Korean delegates to its thermal image sensor manufacturing site on April 29th.

Visitors included top management from Samsung Electronics France, Hyundai Motor Europe, Korean Air, Korail and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, among other industrial and governmental figures, including the president of the Chamber of Commerce France-Korea.

The delegates aim to open doors to new opportunities with French firms.

“Grenoble is known as the Silicon Valley of France. Its remarkable reputation as a center of excellence for micro- and nanotechnology, biotechnology and engineering makes it one of the key regions for Korean businesses,” said Mr. Stéphane Na, president of the Chamber of Commerce France-Korea.

“Our country has extensive experience working with hi-tech French firms like ULIS. We anticipate enriching this business exchange between our countries by forging more ties and joint projects. We look forward to new opportunities for increased import/export in advanced technologies between France and Korea.”

The South Korean delegation visit to ULIS comes at a time when the company is actively engaged in penetrating markets exhibiting strong growth, in particular smart buildings and automotive applications.

“We are pleased to welcome the South Korean delegation to ULIS and show them the major advances we are bringing to commercial applications,” said Jean-François Delepau, managing director of ULIS.

“ULIS has been conducting business in South Korea since 2005, where we have earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner. This visit helps consolidate existing relationships and open the doors to new developments.”

Organized by the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce, the visit is one of many activities marking the 2015 – 2016 France-Korea Year, which began on September 15, 2015. According to the Institute Française, the two countries are celebrating 130 years of diplomatic relations.

ULIS was one of only two firms in the Grenoble-area selected for the visit.

ULIS is the second largest producer of thermal image sensors. These enable night and all-weather condition vision, intrusion detection and temperature measurement, among other applications. ULIS exports 95% of its production, with Asia representing approximately 30%.

About ULIS

ULIS, a subsidiary of Sofradir, specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative thermal image sensors for commercial and defense applications. It enables makers of consumer electronics and infrared equipment to produce low weight, low power consumption and cost-effective thermal cameras in high volume.

Founded in 2002, ULIS has grown to become the second largest producer of thermal image sensors (microbolometers). It offers a targeted range of microbolometers that are the key component of many top brands in thermal imaging equipment sold across Europe, Asia and North America. ULIS is active in the surveillance, thermography, firefighting, defense and outdoor leisure markets. Hundreds of thousands of its products are used to detect threats and thereby protect property, industrial sites, national borders and commuter systems as well as military personnel in combat zones. Other professionals choose thermal image devices equipped with ULIS’ products due to the affordability and quality of ULIS’ technology for mainstream commercial applications and the company’s expertise. Size, weight, low power consumption and cost reductions drive ULIS innovations, enabling the company to address new trends in smart buildings, road safety and in-cabin comfort of vehicles. ULIS is located in Veurey-Voroize, near Grenoble. Online at:http://www.ulis-ir.com

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