Ultra Low Cost Thermal Imager

Based on Proprietary Technology

Magnity Electronics M20
Magnity Electronics M20 Low Cost Thermal Imager

Baltimore MD, USA —  MAG20 by Magnity Electronics Ltd (China) is a low cost handheld thermal imager using their proprietary micobolometer technology.

Traditional microbolometers, the key components in thermal imagers, are very expensive due to the high fabrication cost of ROIC, MEMS and vacuum packaging.

Magnity’s patented optical readout technology uses off-the-shelf CMOS as the signal readout device, thus eliminating ROIC and greatly simplifies the fabrication of MEMS and vacuum packages.

MAG20 features 80 x 60 pixel resolution, a 300 K pixel visible camera, and 1 W LED illumination.

It comes with the full features of image processing software that is used in their high end products.

Its pocket size and ergonomic design enables easy single hand operation. MAG20 is an ideal tool that offers thermography functions at a price that was unseen in traditional thermal imagers.

Features Summary:

  • Thermal image quality: 80*60, using their proprietary micobolometer technology
  • Radiance, and background temperature correction, ensuring the accuracy of temperature measurement
  • Built-in visible light camera, multiple display mode: infrared/visible/pic-in-pic/thermal fusion.

Magnity Electronics develops novel infrared imaging sensors. Its team comprises talents from world famous universities and research institutes, as well as high-tech veterans,

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