United Infrared: Official Vendor Partner of the 2010 World Equestrian Games

EquineIR???, (part of United Infrared) creates infrared scans of horses

Saddle Fit

United Infrared, Inc. announces that it is an Official Vendor Partner of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. The World Equestrian Games are comprised of the world championships for eight equestrian sports.

The Games are held every four years, two years prior to the Olympic Games, and are governed by the F??d??ration Equestre Internationale (FEI).

2010 will be the first year that the games will be held in the USA.

EquineIR??? (www.equineir.com), a service module of United Infrared, Inc., is a network of infrared thermographers performing infrared scans of horses to detect potential injuries and other health issues.

Before infrared thermography (IRt), veterinarians could only locate problems using traditional methods such as observation and palpation.

Now, by using EquineIR??? thermography techniques, abnormalities present themselves even before damage occurs.

This methodology has been developed and refined over the past twenty-five years and has been proven to be an effective imaging technique for: pre-purchase, hoof balancing, saddle fit, track footing, pre-race, joint inflammation, and general diagnostics uses.

Since animals cannot speak, it has been difficult for caretakers to truly identify hidden or masked conditions.

Now with infrared thermal imaging, many of these physiological and anatomical issues are exposed at a much earlier stage.

Early detection equals early prevention. Anatomical imaging such as x-ray, cannot detect soft tissue conditions.

Physiological imaging such as infrared imaging has the ability to recognize soft tissue conditions, and also areas that are indicative of anatomical issues.

EquineIR??? has partnered with the Equine Thermal Imaging Institute (ETII) (www.equinethermalimaginginstitute.com), whose management is made up of two licensed veterinarians, a seasoned trainer and a world-class farrier, with a combined experience of over 130 years.

ETII will provide technical direction on the training courses and expert interpretations through the InterpretIR.com Network (www.interpretir.com) which aligns EquineIR??? Certified Technicians (ECTs) with Veterinarians specializing in infrared thermography of horses to create detailed, graphic medical evaluations.

As an official vendor sponsor, United Infrared, Inc. will be exhibiting at the games, booth # 524, as well as providing demonstration scans.

???We are extremely excited about our partnership with this prestigious organization,??? states Peter Hopkins, Vice President and Managing Partner of United Infrared, Inc.

???EquineIR??? is a service which we believe will greatly benefit the equine community and we are very proud to be able to showcase it at this world event,??? he concludes.

???EquineIR??? is a service whose time has come,??? states Greg Stockton, President of United Infrared, Inc.

???Infrared is an amazing technology and it???s exhilarating to be able to utilize it to better the lives of horses and their owners and trainers,??? he concludes.

About United Infrared

United Infrared, Inc. is a company created to help contractors, home inspectors, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and others add infrared to their business or practice. Members receive discounts on infrared equipment and training. They then choose from several application-specific modules, depending on what area(s) of infrared service they want to provide. Currently available modules are: EnergyScanIR???, which trains contractors how to use infrared to perform residential energy audits, BlockWallScanIR???, which trains contractors/thermographers on how to perform infrared surveys of CMU Block Walls, and the recently launched, EquineIR???, which trains veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and contractors on how to perform infrared scans on horses to determine potential injuries and/or health problems.

About The World Equestrian Games

The World Equestrian Games is considered the largest equestrian event in the world. The concept of a World Equestrian Games, at which all the FEI disciplines would decide their World Championships at one time and place, was first proposed to the FEI in 1983. The very first World Equestrian Games were held in Stockholm in 1990. Six disciplines were involved–Jumping, Dressage, Evening, Driving, Endurance and Vaulting.

In 2010 the games leave Europe for the first time and come to the United States to the Kentucky Horse Park where, for the first time, Para Dressage, the newest FEI Discipline will be competed together with the other seven. In addition to the eight world championships, the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will be a celebration of all things equestrian. Some of the other exciting events taking place include: The Trade Show – In between the competitions, spectators will enjoy a luxury shopping experience at the 2010 Games Trade Show. With more than 300 spaces available for professional retail, the 2010 Games Trade Show will offer a wide range of products and retail for spectators. The Equine Village – The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will represent an unprecedented opportunity for the equine industry to showcase itself, in a variety of ways, to spectators from around the globe. Equine organizations such as breed and discipline organizations, as well as others, will have the opportunity to be prominently featured during 2010 Games in the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Equine Village.

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For more information on EquineIR, please visit www.equineir.com.

For more information on the World Equestrian Games, please visit www.alltechfeigames.com.