Using Targets for Infrared Measurement in Avionics

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CI Systems logoOnline  —  Thermal imaging cameras comprise a vitally important technological category within military avionics, but they can only be used properly if they are calibrated and tested before being deployed.

One of the simplest ways to carry out infrared measurement within the confines of electro-optical test systems is to use specially developed targets. Take a look at the various kinds of targets that are typically used for a range of testing methods.

The Main Types of Targets Used for Infrared Measurement

Whether you are just learning about electro-optical systems, or you are already highly familiar with this aspect of avionics, infrared measurement is something that has no doubt not escaped your attention.

Electro-optical testing generally requires the use of an integrating sphere subsystem and a source of blackbody radiation alongside special infrared targets.

While plenty of time is spent on learning the principles of this kind of radiation, vital objects like these targets are often left relatively untouched.

Consider the main target types below and discover more about their role in your infrared measurement device:

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