Vendor Presentations & Reception: Infrared Applications:

ThermoSense XXXVIII | Monday 18 April 2016 | Baltimore

12:15 PM – 4:45 PM | Baltimore Convention Center. Room 318

ThermoSense ConferenceSession Chairs: Andres E. Rozlosnik, SI Termografía Infrarroja (Argentina); Sheng-Jen (Tony) Hsieh, Texas A&M Univ. (United States)

The Infrared Applications: ThermoSense XXXVIII Vendor Session and Reception will be held on Monday afternoon, 18 April, 2016 as part of SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2016 in Baltimore.

The “Vendor Session” will feature brief presentations from hardware and software vendors whose product lines impact thermal imaging applications.

Unlike the technical sessions, there are no “commercial content” restrictions in these presentations. This event allows vendors to showcase new products on display at this year’s exhibit, and provides attendees with an advance glimpse of “what’s new” in thermal imaging applications.

All exhibitors are eligible to present.

The Vendor Session was started twelve years by Ray Peacock,, Inc and  Andres E. Rozlosnik, SI Termografía Infrarroja 12 years ago and has been a popular, well-attended success ever since with the able help of other ThermoSense committee members, notably Herb Kaplan, Honeyhill Tecchnical Co..

It allows the busy technical conference attendees to better prioritize their time when visiting the exhibits. It also provides a relaxed atmosphere for informal conversations between vendors and conference attendee prior to the opening of the Exhibits

The session begins with 10-15 minute presentations and is followed by a reception and mixer with snacks and soft drinks.


SCD.USA, LLC (SemiConductor Devices) (Booth 509)
What’s New for 2016 at SCD
Robert McDaniel, President & CEO SCD.USA Infrared

StingRay Optics, LLC (Booth 826)
StingRay Optics Standard Products 2016
Sam Wyman, Standard Products Specialist

New Imaging Technologies (Booth 302)
Latest developments from New Imaging technologies in SWIR and I-CMOS
Federico Volonteri, Sales Area Manager

TELOPS (Booth 431)
New infrared imaging products and applications at Telops
Vincent Farley, Business Development Manager

Xenics (Booth 523)
Low-cost, High Frequency SWIR Cameras
Ankur Anchlia, Analog Design Engineer, Xenics

HGH Infrared Systems, Inc. (Booth 343)
The Test and Characterization of Infrared Reference Sources
Xavier Elbaz, Sales Engineer Thermography and Metrology, HGH Infrared Systems North America

Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc. (Booth 952)
New SWIR Arrays and Cameras
Martin H. Ettenberg, Ph.D, CEO Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc

FLIR Systems, Inc. (Booth 822)
New X6900sc High Speed Thermal Camera – World’s Fastest 640×512 Thermal Camera
James Ramsey, Science Segment Engineer, FLIR

IRCAM GmbH (Booth 729)
Infrared Cameras for Scientific Applications
Oliver Schreer, Managing Director

SOFRADIR EC (Booth 408)
New developments in cooled and uncooled detection
Chris Alicandro, Vice President of Sales and Business Development – Sofradir EC

Photon Spot, Inc. (Booth 1031)
Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) for experiments in the NIR and beyond
Vikas Anant, CEO Photon Spot, Inc.

Ophir Optronics Ltd (Booth 817)
See Spot & 40-300 mm LWIR lenses
Moshe Leibovich, Marketing Director

Sensors Unlimited – UTC Aerospace Systems (Booth 617)
Improved performance InGaAs linear arrays and new 1.45 micron cutoff option for Handheld Raman
Douglas Malchow, Mgr, Business Development for Industrial Markets, Sensors Unlimited Inc.

InfraTec GmbH (Booth 314)
Latest innovation of the cooled high-end infrared camera series ImageIR
Sven-A. Wode, Manager Business Development International

MOOG INC. (Booth 124)
MOOG UAS Security Solution
Jon Paine, Business Development Manager

ISR Systems – UTC Aerospace Systems (Booth 617)
Launching SUI SWIR into the global market
Brendan M. Murphy, Account Manager