Viper Imaging’s New System For Energy Generation Plants

Monitor inside the Boiler & Beyond!

Furnace Camera View

Birmingham, AL (6/2/2014) Viper Imaging offers complete visual and thermal imaging solutions for energy generation companies providing insight into processes that are not easily monitored.

In the United States, about half of the electricity is generated from coal-fired boilers. In order to increase efficiency in power production, plant operators should continuously monitor boiler tubes and the slag deposits that prevent systems from running at their highest potential.

Previously this monitoring was done by individuals who put themselves in harms way with little to no technological assistance.

Viper provides many solutions for monitoring inside the Boiler such as helping to identify bridging on the Lower Slope, finding ???eyebrows??? in the Burner section, highlighting clinker formations in the Superheat and continuously monitoring Furnace Exit Gas Temperature.

With Viper Imaging???s continuous imaging and temperature measurement solutions, companies are now able to accurately monitor their boiler during the combustion process.

Viper Imaging???s solution portfolio extends beyond the boiler. Viper also offers a complete imaging solution for Coal Belt & Coal Pile Monitoring, Substation and Switchyard Monitoring and Critical Vessel Monitoring.

???The greatest advantage an operator can have is insight into their entire process from beginning to end,??? says Andy Beck, Co- Owner of Viper.

???Until recently, imaging systems have been cost prohibitive and difficult to integrate. We are offering a lower cost solution with only the necessary information allowing companies greater awareness of their entire process???.

???Unlike competitors who are dedicated to selling ???Products???, Viper Imaging offers complete turnkey solutions which help our customers solve their most difficult problems??? says Rich Shannon, Co-Owner at Viper.

About Viper Imaging

Viper Imaging focuses on providing turnkey imaging systems and temperature measurement in the Metals, Power Generation, Petro-Chemical and Heavy Industrial markets. Through one-on-one consultation, site visits and an understanding of the complete process, Viper works with their customers to develop an encompassing solution. These solutions will create valuable and quantifiable results based on the customer???s input and direction.

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