VoyageIR: An Exciting New NDT Technique

Thermal Wave Imaging (TWI) For Automotive & Aerospace Inspection

TWI VoyageIR new

Leatherhead, UK –?? Whether it???s impact damage, trapped water, delamination in composites, or corrosion in Aluminum structures, VoyageIR is ready to go wherever you need it!

VoyageIR is extremely flexible, and can use alternative heat sources and IR cameras tailored to specific application requirements.

The system is ideally suited for on-aircraft maintenance applications, such as the detection of trapped water and impact damage in composite structures, and in field situations where inspection speed and setup time are critical.

VoyageIR allows the inspector to set up the system and perform the complete inspection in minutes, compared to current solutions that are often too large, costly or complex for field applications.

  • Low Cost
  • Data Fusion Integrates UT A-Scan
  • Easy to Use
  • Handheld Operation
  • TSR Processing
  • Single Case Package

According to Fiona Meadows of Lot-Oriel on

VoyageIR is based on Thermographic Signal Reconstruction (TSR),TWI???s industry leading signal processing technique, which allows unmatched sensitivity that is comparable to full scale systems. Its flexible architecture let???s you configure heat source, camera and signal processing to match your application.

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