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IR Athermal Lens
IR Athermal Lens

Singapore –?? The need to maintain focus over a wide range of environmental temperature is essential to the system performance, stability and high quality.

Athermalized lenses kept their performance from changing by means of optical passivity, mechanical activity and mechanical passivity in a large temperature range.

Their configuration will auto-adjust when placed at different temperatures.

SWIR lens for 900-2300 nm spectrum with focal length 23 mm and F#2.0 for FPA size 320×256, 30 um.

Shortwave Infrared wavelength band offers a unique imaging advantages over visible and
other thermal bands.

MWIR (midwave infrared) achromatic lenses can be used by designers and researchers
working in the 3 ??m to 5 ??m spectral region.

Providing near-diffraction-limited performance, these lenses are suitable for applications in FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectroscopy and MWIR thermal imaging, as well as for use with tunable quantum cascade lasers.

LWIR, or long-wave infrared, systems are typically uncooled and therefore have
less sensitivity.

However, long-wave infrared lenses allow the user to see through dust or smoke, which makes them particularly valuable in certain environments and applications. The field of view of a lens depends mainly on the focal length and the detector size.

Wavelength Technology has been in the laser and image optics market for nearly 10 years. Based in Singapore, the hub of South East Asia, they have embedded quality and customer service grains deeply in our organization. They conduct Research Development, scale assembly and test in their Singapore facility which is certified ISO9001 since year 2004. Wavelength Technology Singapore is a global company providing fully integrated, high quality and best value electro-optic solutions to their customers.

They have established an optics fabrication facility since year 2003. The facility has been certified ISO9001 and ISO14000 since year 2006. It has been expanded to 12000 square meters in 2010

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