What Is Infrared Thermography?

“Many people think they know whereas?? most actually have only a vague idea of what it is all about”, G Raymond Peacock,

Temperatures.com_logo_oldSouthampton PA, USA –?? To get a better idea of some of the details, check the What is Infrared Thermography” page on the SOLTEC Corp. website. (SOLTEC (www.solteccorp.com) is a USA subsidiary of NEC Avio (www.necavio.co.jp/en/ ), a Japanese maker of?? high performance Thermal Imaging cameras.

Those who are serious about getting into the field of Infrared thermography will often take a training course in the subject. We think?? the Infraspection Institute (www.infraspection.com) is one of the best is the business, not just because they are one of our advertisers, but because we know then very well, have attended their courses, seen their meetings and spoken at several of their Winter IR/Info Conferences.

Infraspection not only offers open enrollment, scheduled courses and courses tailored to the needs of a specific organization (often in either English or Spanish, by the way) they are the only organization that has developed, and is still expanding, its unique set of Online Training Courses.

In addition, it has developed and sells a complete set of Practice Standards that are the basis for many of the ASTM STANDARDS in Infrared Thermography.

There are many others in the Thermography training business, too, like The Infrared Training Center (www.infraredtraining.com), a FLIR Systems operation (FLIR is the largest maker of commercial infrared Thermal Imagers in the World), and The Snell Group (www.thesnellgroup.com), another independent training group and Thermography Service organization. More are listed as are Thermography Equipment and Service providers in the Temperature & Moisture Sensor Directories at TempSensor.net

For those who wish to get very proficient and focus on an individual business with some further in-depth, practical education and network affiliation there are the many specialties of United Infrared and the specialty areas described in detail by Stockton Infrared Services, a founding organization of United.

This brief review article was by G. Raymond Peacock, President, Temperatures.com, Inc., publishers of The MeasurementMedia Network websites that includes: TempSensor Directories, IRApps.com and SpectralEmissivity.com.