Working With Infrared Windows

by Cary Weaver

The Snell Group LogoOnline  —  Infrared inspection windows have become more common in recent years because they provide some distinct advantages when performing inspections of high voltage or high arc flash risk equipment.

The use of IR windows makes IR inspections of electrical equipment both safer and more efficient by keeping the enclosure in a closed and guarded condition.

Thermographers can use infrared (IR) to take both quantitative (temperature measurement) and qualitative (image only) images.

To make sure quantitative images are correct, it is important to have a good understanding of what other variables in the environment can lead to possible measurement errors.

There is much to think about. In addition to emissivity and reflectivity, humidity, distance and camera angle can also be very important in obtaining reliable temperature measurements. When performing an inspection that involves the use of an infrared window, incorrect window transmission settings in the camera can have a huge effect on the apparent temperature reading and for correct ?T calculations.

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