Workswell WIRIS | Infrared Imager for Drones

With a Focus on Temp Measurements & Roof Surveys

Prague, Czech Republic — Workswell WIRIS is unique thermal imaging system for unmanned aircraft. It is a compact system that combines thermal camera, a digital camera and a control unit.

Workswell WIRIS system is a comprehensive solution that gives “airial” thermography completely new possibilities.

Control of the system, measurement capabilities and ease of use are the same as in handheld thermal imagers. Except that in this case is the controlled camera a few hundred meters from the user, and everything can be done with switches of standard RC controller.

Workswell WIRIS is revolutionary between the thermal imaging systems primarily due to its possibility of full control in real time during the flight via very standard RC controller.

Remotely, it is possible to view and store fully radiometric image data (images and video) – ie. records that retain all the information about the capturing parameters, which can be subsequently fully processed in the supplied software.

If a leak occurs on a flat roof, damage often goes unnoticed for considerable time as water penetrates and soaks the decking and underlying insulation. This water infiltration can cause rot, leading to extensive damage, and can even weaken the entire roof structure.

Roofing professionals have been using thermal imaging cameras for years to pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture beneath the surface, and document dryness with accuracy and confidence. However, for roofs of industrial buildings, thermal inspections can be a very time-consuming and physical job, when done with a handheld thermal camera.

That’s where the Workswell WIRIS comes in. Thanks to this advanced drone equipped with a FLIR Tau2 thermal imaging camera core, thermal inspections of large industrial roofs are a walk in the park.

Although a handheld thermal imaging camera is an excellent diagnostic tool, manual roof inspections can still be time-consuming, especially with larger industrial buildings. The way around this problem is to use a pilot-less aircraft with a thermal camera attached to it.

Workswell s.r.o., a Czech technology development and trading company operating on the Central-European market, based in Prague, developed the Workswell WIRIS system.

The WIRIS is an advanced drone system that combines a visible light camera and a thermal camera and has been especially developed for the detection of moisture problems on flat roofs.

Workswell relied on the FLIR Tau2 longwave infrared camera core for the thermal imaging part of the Workswell WIRIS system.

Jan Sova: “We have used the FLIR Tau2 in previous systems before, and always achieved excellent imaging results. The Tau2 is very light and compact, which helped us to build a drone of half the weight compared to previous drone systems.

“The biggest improvement provided by the WIRIS system, is that it can be fully controlled from the ground and settings can easily be adapted while the drone is in the air. The WIRIS with the FLIR Tau2 is an ideal solution for thermal inspections of industrial building roofs.”

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Workswell s.r.o. is a technological, development and sales company operating on the Czech and the Slovak markets with the registered office in Prague, branch in Rožnov pod Radhošt?m and branch in Žilina. Key objectives of the company are the development of new trends in non-contact temperature measurement using thermal cameras and industrial pyrometers, supplying industrial fields including the building industry, food industry, chemical industry, security technologies along with integration into industrial processes as an element of input-output control.


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