New temp transmitter & related fiber optic sensing probes

For power equipment monitoring

FTX-602-GENCoquitlam, BC, Canada — OSENSA Innovations Corp. announces commercial availability of its new FTX-301-PWR+ temperature transmitter and related fiber optic sensing probes for medium voltage power equipment monitoring.

The FTX-301-PWR+ is DIN rail mounted within the control cabinet to provide continuous temperature monitoring of switch gear and bus bars connections, cast-resin transformer, generator and motor windings.

The FTX-301-PWR+ includes three isolated 4-20 mA analog outputs for reporting temperature data on each phase.

Also included is support for Modbus RTU protocol over an isolated RS-485 bus and a direct USB connection for easy setup and configuration.

The product is UL listed with CSA and CE conformance designations.

The transmitter supports two styles of optical temperature probes, each with optional end point accessories for simple attachment to bolted connections.

The PRB-GB2 style sensors are rated to 200°C and are ideally suited for monitoring winding temperatures of cast resin transformers, motors and generators.

Alternatively, the PRB-PF1 style probes are rated to 120 °C and best suited for monitoring switch gear and bus bar temperatures.

OSENSA Innovations manufactures low-cost fiber optic temperature sensors and signal conditioners for high voltage equipment monitoring including medium and high voltage switch gear, transformers, circuit breakers, and generators. OSENSA’s fiber temperature sensors provide exceptional reliability, durability, and accuracy. OSENA offers OEM optical temperature sensors and monitoring solutions to the world’s leading equipment manufacturers.

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