Free Thermowell Calculator

Based on The 2010 ASME Thermowell Standard

New SwiftyCalc

Statesville NC, USA –?? JMS Southeast has developed a program based on the New ASME PTC 10.9 TW – 2010 standard for thermowells that allows used to perform the calculations necessary to determine the suitability of their design for their process conditions with few complications.

Just about any type of well can be configured and it is available free to their customers and friends.

Access the site: and learn what this special calculator named “SwiftyCalc” can do for you and how to get it

The JMS SwiftyCalc quickly provides you with a thermowell design based upon your material requirements and process variables that you can count on to meet the ASME PTC 19.3-TW (2010) standard. Save your results to your own account and return later to modify on the fly.

JMS SwiftyCalc also provides you with instant theoretical maximums for insertion length and flow rate.

SwiftyCalc is perfect for faster response time and increased reliability in your temperature measurement system.

JMS Southeast was founded in 1980. Throughout its years of operation, it has secured a strong customer base from OEM and industrial customers whose production depends on quality and consistency in their temperature measurement. They design and manufacture a complete line of high quality standard and custom temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTD’s and thermowells as well as a wide selection of temperature accessories.

JMS Southeast, Inc
105 Temperature Lane
Statesville, NC 28677 USA

Phone: 1-800-873-1835
Fax: +1 704-878-6166

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  1. That’s unusual. I just went to their website and logged into my account with no problem at all. If you set your own password, did you attempt to login?

    Alternately, if you didn’t, try requesting a copy of your password on the login screen, under “forget password?”. It only took a few minutes for me to recover mine.

  2. This site of JMS is useless. we never get details of registration neither we can have any software. I tried 100 times.

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