High Temp CERAN?? Glass-Faced Infrared Panel Heaters

OMEGA’s NEW Series of IR Heaters


Stamford CT, USA — Omega introduces its new series of heaters with black CERAN?? glass as the emitter face. The maximum emitter face temperature is 870 ??C (1600 ??F).

The peak output wavelength is?? between 2.5 and 6????m (micrometers or microns) and three different watt densities are available: 10, 15, and 20 W/sq. in.

An optional thermowell from the back of the heater allows for a spring-loaded thermocouple to measure face temperature. This is the best way to use direct temperature control. The heater is available in sizes from 152 x 305 mm (6″ x 12″) up to 610 x 610 mm (24″ x 24″).

Ideal for automotive, manufacturing and plastics industry.

Prices Start at $363.00

Note: Each heater comes complete with mounting hardware and complete operator???s manual.

Link to the complete spec sheet: www.omega.com/pptst/QG_HEATER.html

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Note: CERAN ?? has been a registered trademark of SCHOTT since 1962.