NEW ASME Thermowell Standard

This month the ASME 19.3 Committee released the new standard on thermowells, PTC 19.3 TW – 2010 Thermowells.

It is available on their website at

From the page referenced above on the ASME Web site:

ISBN #: 9780791833070
Published: 2010
Product Type: Print-Book
No. of pages: 52

The object of this Standard is to establish a mechanical design standard for reliable service of tapered, straight, and stepped-shank thermowells in a broad range of applications. This includes an evaluation of the forces due to external pressure, and the combination of static and dynamic forces resulting from fluid impingement. This Standard applies to thermowells machined from barstock, and includes those welded to or threaded into a flange and as well as those welded into a process vessel or pipe with or without a weld adaptor. Thermowells manufactured from pipe are outside the scope of the Standard. Thermowells with specially designed surface structures (e.g., a knurled surface or a surface with spiral ridges) are beyond the scope of this Standard, due to the difficulty of providing design rules with broad applicability for these types of thermowells. Thermowell attachment methods, standard dimensions, parasitic vibration of a sensor mounted inside the thermowell, and thermal equilibrium of the sensor relative to the process stream are beyond the scope of this Standard. Additionally thermowells fabricated by welding, including flame spray or weld-overlays, at any place along the length of the shank or at the tip are outside the scope of the Standard.

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