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Morgan Advanced MgO-Spinel is resistant to oxidization

MgO Spinel
MgO-Spinel Products from Morgan Advanced Materials

Online — Morgan Advanced Materials has made a further addition to its extensive product portfolio with the launch of a new range of high-temperature kiln furniture.

Ideal for use at temperatures up to 1,700 °C (3,092 °F) under corrosive conditions, the launch of this new range in MgO-Spinel has been developed in response to the changing needs of the market.

MgO-Spinel is chemically stable making it resistant to oxidization, while its composition and microstructure allow for superior corrosion resistance, especially against alkalis and earth alkalis.

Crucibles made from this material are particularly suitable for use in the melting of light metals containing aggressive slags.

MgO-Spinel brings benefits of high thermal conductivity of 12-14 W/mK as well as excellent thermal shock properties.

In addition, it offers high electrical resistivity, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

The MgO-Spinel products are manufactured by the Haldenwanger business of Morgan in a full range of standard designs such as setter plates, beams and supports. Customized shapes can also be created for individual applications.

Dr Michael Rozumek of Morgan Advanced Materials explained: “In recent years we have made a considerable investment into our crucible materials portfolio. In direct response to the needs of our customers we have developed this new offering to allow users to operate efficiently at higher temperatures.”

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