S Series Sanitary Thermowells

s-260_s-385_mStamford CT, USA — Omega’s S Series Sanitary thermowells in ??” or 3/8″ diameter stem are used with bimetal thermometers or temperature sensing elements having 0.252″ (Omega’s S-260 models) and 0.377″ (Omega’s S-385 models) maximum diameters, or #20-gage thermocouple elements.

Principle Applications are in the food & beverage and pharmaceuticals industries as well as in research.

Connection Size: 1??” Omega Tri-Grip??? (Tri-Clamp?? compatible) (cap size) is standard. Other Tri-Grip sizes are available upon request.

Materials: 316 stainless steel. Custom wells are also available in special materials; prices on request.

Omega’s Thermowells

OMEGA offers Thermowells in a widevariety of materials such as Brass (ASTM B-16), Carbon Steel (C-1018), Stainless OMEGA Thermowells are available in a variety of materials such as Brass (ASTM B-16), Carbon Steel (C-1018), Stainless Steel A.I.S.I. 304 & A.I.S.I. 316 and Monel.

Thermowells are also available in specialty materials, such as the Type S Series described here.

About Thermowells
(Courtesy of About Temperature Sensors)

Thermowells are among the simplest yet least well publicized accessories used in industrial temperature measurement applications. There are many variations of two basic kinds; low pressure and high pressure.

They are used to provide an isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment, either liquid, gas or slurry. A thermowell allows the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising either the ambient region or the process.

For detailed specifications, click here te download them in PDF format or click here to visit the Omega webpage.