TCs for the Plastics Industries

Plus More From Sales Bee Instruments

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Mumbai, India — Introducing Sales Bee Instruments, a leading manufacturers of Temperature Sensors at their plant in India under the name of BEE Instruments, which is their family business. They manufacture Thermocouples of various types like (J, K, R, S, T…), RTD PT 100 Sensor and MI thermocouples.

These are manufactured per user specification and requirements.

BEE specializes in manufacturing of

1. Thermocouple for plastic industry
2. Standard Thermocouples Assembly
3. Thermowell Assembly
4. Thermocouple Assembly with Flameproof head
5. Thermocouple probes hand built types
6. Immersion Probe (Max Temp 600 ??C)
7. Leaf Probe (Max Temp 600 ??C)
8. Prick Probe (Max Temp 400 ??C)
9. Bow Curved Surface Probe (Max Temp 600 ??C)
10. RTD
11. Protection Tube
13. Compensating and Extension Cables

They claim shorter lead times for customized requirements, since they have an Exclusive setup dedicated for a job. We have about 90 people in our assembly area for doing only temperature sensors. No Extra Charge for customization and private labeling.

Please let them know your interest so that they can send you our catalogue giving you an idea of the product range.


Rusabh Shah
Bee Instruments, India.
(Madhu Group)
1st Floor, Krishna Building,
S.V. Road, Grant Rd.,
Mumbai – 400 007 India

Tel: : +91 22 2380 0783 / 2386 4484 / 2387 6707
Fax: : +91 22 23 87 6729
Mobile: : +91 98217 27 104
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