Two Days Left For ITS9 Abstracts!

Held Once per Decade – The Top Temperature Meeting in Los Angeles – March 2012


ITS9 – the International Temperature Symposium – A friendly reminder that we are just two days away from the July 15 deadline for ITS9 Abstracts. We’ll be sending out a bulk email reminder to our general mail list.

Do you know about how many abstracts we should expect to receive from any colleagues or collaborators of yours?

There is a possibility we will extend the deadline a bit, but we won’t be able to make a decision on that until the 18th. If you think more time is needed to develop some ideas for sessions and prepare the abstracts, please let us know (see contact info below).

Conference Web Site:

The Ninth International Temperature Symposium, ITS9, will be held in March of 2012, in conjunction with the Measurement Science Conference 2012, along with a combined technology exhibition.

Here’s a copy of our earlier announcement on the Call for Papers:

Sponsored by: Measurement Science Conference (MSC) and the USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Proceedings published by: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Conference Web Site:

Papers on the following topics are solicited:

??? Thermodynamic Thermometry
??? Thermocouple Thermometry
??? Radiation Thermometry
??? Temperature Scales
??? Thermistor Thermometry
??? Resistance Thermometry
??? Fixed Points
??? Boltzmann Constant Determinations
??? Medical and Biological Thermometry
??? Electronic and Noise Thermometry
??? International Comparisons
??? Dynamic and Transient Thermometry
??? Space and Astrophysics Thermometry
??? Harsh Environment Thermometry
??? Instrumentation and Data Analysis
??? Geo/Paleothermometry
??? Temperature Control
??? Calibration Methods
??? Uncertainties and Statistics
??? Food Processing Thermometry
??? Fiber-Optic / Fluorescence Thermometry
??? Cryogenic Thermometry
??? Semiconductor Process Thermometry

9th International Temperature Symposium, Los Angeles, CA USA, March 19-23, 2012


Greg Strouse, NIST, ITS9 Chair C. Dawn Cross, NIST, ITS9 Secretary Bob Everly, 2012 MSC President


Weston Tew, NIST, Program Chair; Howard Yoon, NIST, Program Vice-Chair; Chris Meyer, NIST, Proceedings Editor
John Fishell, MSC Support; Frank Mendoza, MSC Arrangements Diana Poulton, MSC Administration

FULL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Stephen Allison, ORNL; Mark Ballico, NMIA, Australia ; Mauro Battuello, INRiM, Italy; Pieter Bloembergen, NIM, Netherlands; Jovan Bojkovski, University of Lubljanja, Slovenia; Dirk Boguhn, Endress+Hauser, Germany; Scott Courts, Lake Shore Cryotronics; Masahiko Gotoh, Tamagawa Univ./NRC Canada, Japan; Kenneth Grattan, City Univ. of London, UK; Martin de Groot, Kelvin-Trainingen, Netherlands; Michael de Podesta, NPL, UK; Steve Doty, US Navy Corona; Bernd Fellmuth, PTB, Germany; Eduarda Filipe, IOQ, Portugal; Joachim Fischer, PTB, Germany; H. M. Hashemian, AMS; Yves Hermier , LNE/CNAM, France; Ken Hill , NRC, Canada; Joerg Hollandt, PTB, Germany; Juntaro Ishii, NMIJ/AIST, Japan; Wang Li, NMC/A*STAR, Singapore; Hans Liedberg, NMISA, South Africa; Graham Machin, NPL, UK; Billy Mangum, NIST; Mikhail Matveyev, VNIIM, Russia; Edgar Mendez, CENAM, Mexico; Christopher Meyer, NIST; Michael Moldover, NIST; Seung Nam Park, KRISS, Korea; Kenneth Sloneker, EDL/ASL; G. Raymond Peacock,, Inc.; Rich Phillips, Goodrich Sensor Systems; Gary Pickrell, Virginia Tech; Anatoly Pokhodun, VNIIM, Russia; Joy Rempe, INL; Francesco Righini, INRiM, IMEKO, Italy; Ofelia Robatto, LATU, Uruguay; Richard Rusby, NPL, UK; Mohamed Sadli L, NE-CNM, France; Peter Saunders, MSL/IRL, New Zealand; Bill Siweck, Veritas Sensors; Gregory Strouse, NIST ; Anna Szmyrka-Grzebyk, INTiBS, Poland; Joe Tansock, Utah State Univ; Renato Teixeira, INMETRO, Brazil; Weston Tew (Chair), NIST; Peter Thorne, NOAA NCDC; Anatoly Ulanovskiy, Obninsk Thermoelectric, Russia; Rod White, MSL/IRL, New Zealand; Thomas Wiandt, Fluke; Kazuaki Yamazawa, NMIJ/AIST, Japan; Howard Yoon (Vice Chair), NIST; Jintao Zhang, NIM, China; Yuan Zundong, NIM, China; Davor Zvizdic, FSR, Croatia.


??? July 15, 2011, for submission of a summary abstract of the work (not exceeding 500 words). The EDAS web portal will be open for abstract submissions staring on 15-February-2011. Please go to for instructions and the abstract template. Authors of abstracts accepted by the Program Committee will be notified promptly and provided with guidelines for the preparation of full papers to be presented during the Symposium.

??? December 15, 2011, for submission of papers in the approved format to the Program Chair. These papers will receive technical and editorial review prior to final acceptance.

??? July 31, 2012, for submission of final, camera-ready manuscript to the Program Chair for publication by the American Institute of Physics in Volume 8 of Temperature: Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry.

The length of papers is limited to six pages. Post-deadline submissions cannot be guaranteed a review or a place in the Symposium program. Authors needing special consideration should contact the Program Chair.

Only those papers that are presented during the Symposium will be published in the Proceedings. Authors should understand that paper submission implies willingness to pay the speaker registration fee and present the paper at the conference.

For a co- authored paper, a minimum of one author must register for the conference and present the paper.


Participants from both national and international temperature measurement communities in all sectors of industry and science are invited to The 9th International Temperature Symposium (ITS9).

All technical sessions will be held at the Disneyland Resort Hotel in Anaheim, California (USA) and co-located with the 2012 Measurement Science Conference (

Both Oral and Poster Sessions will be organized together with the combined technology exhibition. The Symposium proceedings will be available as hard-bound volumes published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

Please address general inquiries to .

For inquiries on the technology exhibitions, please contact us at .

About The Symposium

International Temperature Symposia have taken place approximately every 10 years since 1919. Their proceeding are published, often in multi-volume versions, by noted scientific organization, the most frequent being the American Institute of Physics.

Copies of the past Proceedings can be found in most of the major university and science libraries of the world.

These Symposia provide opportunities for the presentation and publication of work related to the measurement and control of temperature, with topics ranging from fundamental research on temperature scales to practical measurement or control solutions in a variety of fields.