Thermo-String Available for Automotive and Consumer Applications

New Thermistor is Smaller with Wider Temperature Range and Long, Flexible Wire Leads

Smyrna,GA, USA – Murata Electronics North America has introduced the updated Thermo-String temperature sensor.

Thermo-String combines a cost effective epoxy coated tight tolerance chip thermistor, with long bendable wire leads (from 25mm to 150mm and in 10mm increments starting at 30mm), allowing for greater flexibility in reaching the temperature sensing location.

The updated Thermo-String can operate over the wide automotive temperature range (-40 to +150 ??C), and is ideally suited for temperature monitoring and protection of lithium ion batteries in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). Thermo-String???s small coated sensing head is 1.6mm thick making it ideal for placement in tight spaces.

Murata is the market leader in chip NTC thermistors and uses semi-conductive ceramics and electrode printing technologies to produce both NTC and PTC devices. In addition to the leaded product, Murata is continuously introducing new smaller chip size NTC and PTC products that readily enable product down sizing.

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