Freeze-Drying Technologies Enhance Process Development with Small Amounts of API

LyoLearn Webinar

LyoCapsuleOnline  —  Join SP Scientific and Dr. Alexandra Braun, of GILYOS GmbH, for an insightful webinar on miniaturization in freeze drying. Miniaturization is an important topic – especially in the early development phase of new drug entities – due to the limited availability and costs of most Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

This webinar, which takes place on January 24 2019, will focus on ways to jumpstart your development effort, including the use of Manometric Temperature Measurement and SMART™ process analytical technology (PAT) tools in the LyoCapsule™ freeze dryer.

Illustrated by several examples, Dr. Braun will discuss wall temperature adjustment, amorphous and crystalline formulations and minimum load requirements for reliable values. (more…)

Humidity Transmitters with Stainless Steel Enclosure

EE310 & EE360 Stainless Steel Option

EE310&EE360Online  —  The EE310 and the EE360 industrial transmitters from E+E Elektronik Corp.are now available with stainless steel and with polycarbonate enclosure.

EE310 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

The EE310 is dedicated for demanding industrial processes control. It measures relative humidity and temperature in the range -40…180 °C (?40…356 °F) and calculates further physical quantities such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity or mixing ratio.

The EE310 is available for duct or wall mount, as well as with remote probe. (more…)

Solving High-Speed Automotive Testing Challenges

FLIR Systems White Paper

fliratspr202-imageB Meer, Belgium  —  FLIR Systems has published a white paper that discusses how new Infrared (IR) camera technologies are providing engineers and technicians with the tools they need to address the difficulties of high-speed automotive testing.

Product research and development on internal combustion engines, brake rotors and tires, and high- speed airbags are discussed as just a few of the areas that could truly benefit from high speed, high sensitivity thermal characterization testing. Measuring temperature on objects that are moving fast is challenging.

Traditional forms of temperature measurement such as thermocouples are not practical for systems in motion.

Non-contact forms of temperature measurement such as spot pyrometers lack the fast response rates necessary to take accurate readings on fast moving objects or to thermally characterize a high-speed target accurately. (more…)

Simple Safe Parallel Reaction Sampling

Asynt’s New Synthesiser Kit

AsyntIsleham, UK — Asynt has introduced the DrySyn OCTO Mini Conversion Kit to enable chemists to efficiently sample reactions performed using their DrySyn OCTO 8-position parallel synthesiser.

The DrySyn OCTO is a compact, entry-level parallel synthesiser for chemists wishing to conduct synthetic reactions under an inert atmosphere with temperature control and powerful magnetic stirring.

The new Mini Conversion Kit lets you quickly adapt a standard DrySyn OCTO unit for use with shorter length reaction tubes, enabling faster reaction sampling with disposable needles. (more…)

FLIR Delta Podcast

Keeping solar farms efficient

Podcast Randall Warns speaks with Nikhil VadhavkarOnline — Flir just released their second episode of the series sitting down with Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO of Raptor Maps.

They are proud to have a unique place in the industry where we have little direct competition and can work directly with every major stakeholder when it comes to drone technology.

These podcasts are casual conversations about the individual journeys and perspectives of each guest.

We talk a lot about what it’s like to start businesses, mistakes you might avoid, and what might be shaping the drone industry in the future. (more…)

FREE Julabo App Now Available

Do you have the right temperature capacity?

Linked to Google Play StoreOnline. — Determine the heating and cooling capacity you need to get the results you want. The formula is in the new JULABO US App.

Download now to see the recommended temperature capacity and the ideal equipment for your application.

You can also use the app to access Julabo products, industry information and limited-time promotions.

From the Apple App Store: (more…)

Setaram’s Thermal Analysis Cyber Sale!

LABSYSevo Platform

Setaram Applications BrochureOnline  —  The LABSYSevo is a versatile instrument that performs 6 separate types of analyses on a single instrument at temperatures up to 1600 °C.

It can perform TGA, STA, DSC, DTA, 3D Cp and Evolved Gas Analysis.

Our customers choose this product when Experimental Control, Quality Results or Instrument Versatility are important to their application!

Today’s Offer:

Purchase a Labsys 1600 or a Labsys 1150 and get a free free High Sensitivity rod or Evolved Gas Analysis coupling! (more…)