2 Simultaneous A/D Channels Offer Unprecedented Sampling Rates

Highest Speed, Isolated, USB Data Acquisition Module at 10 MHz

DT9853/54MARLBORO MA, USA — Data Translation, Inc. has announced the release of the DT9862. It?? features isolated, high-speed USB data acquisition at throughput rates up to 10 MHz.

It also is the newest addition to their growing series of high-speed simultaneous USB data acquisition modules.

When two A/D channels are sampled simultaneously, both channels can acquire data at 10 MHz using burst sampling or at 5 MHz continuously. The only limit on throughput is the USB 2.0 bus speed, which has been optimized for the DT9862 to over 25 MB/s.

Each analog input channel has its own separate A/D converter eliminating phase shift between each channel ??? a problem with multiplexed architectures where all inputs share one common A/D converter. As a result, the DT9862 series can correlate measurements instantly.

This overall throughput breakthrough represents a 5X increase in speed for the industry. The previous fastest isolated USB data acquisition module is the DT9832A at 2 MHz.

???The DT9862 offers a previously unachievable 10 MHz simultaneous sampling speed with full isolation for test and measurement,??? states Fred Molinari, President and CEO.

???This leading edge USB data acquisition module was developed and designed in direct response to customers requiring ultra-high speed instantaneous sampling. Applications such as fast thermal analysis, triangular spotting of downed black boxes and high-speed ultrasound imaging need these faster results.???

Key Design Features of the DT9862:

??? 10 MHz sampling per a single channel, 10 MHz for burst sampling for both channels, or 5 MHz for two channels continuously???previously unachievable results
??? Synchronous operation of all subsystems
??? Two true 16-bit analog inputs for measuring multiple channels simultaneously
??? Two optional 16-bit deglitched D/A channels, simultaneous output rate up to 2 MSamples/s, output range of ?? 2.5 V
??? High-speed digital I/O lines for time stamping, pattern recognition, and synchronizing external events
??? Two 32-bit counter/timers
??? Three 32-bit quadrature decoders for X/Y positioning and rotation
??? Flexible clock and trigger modes
??? ?? 500 V galvanic isolation to prevent ground loops
??? Included software and drivers compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7
??? Available installed in a metal connection box with SMA connectors, or as a board-level OEM version

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