BeanGateway & DAS Interfaces

Building & Managing Beanair?? WSNs

Neuville-sur-Oise, France — Beanair?? has edited a new application note outlining all the interfaces between BeanGateway and industrial data acquisition system. The interfaces available today are: OPC Server DA (Direct Access) via BeanScape RS232 (data format ASCII or RTU)

This new communication interface completes the BeanGateway?? product range, enlarging the choice of integrating a Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) with your IT environment: GSM/GPRS Interface with a M2M WebServer Ethernet & TCP/IP Interface Ethernet ???TCP/IP & OPC Server (OLE for Process Control) RS232 connectivity is more suited for an easy integration with a programmable operator interface equipped with a RS232 input.

It is ideal for manufacturer wishing to integrate a small Wireless Sensors Networks (10/20 wireless sensors on the same network) in their application. It will not be suitable for applications demanding high bandwidth and IP connectivity.

More powerful and more open-standard, the OPC server is well suited for integrating a WSN in industrial supervision software integrating an OPC DA client.

The majority of industrial supervision software incorporate a client-server OPC DA (Siemens WinCC, Codra Panorama, Rockwell RSLinx, Schneider CitectSCADA, Labview) . By using the OPC DA, you decrease more than 80 % the time integration of a WSN within your business application.

About Beanair??:

Beanair??, French manufacturer of smart ???Plug and Play??? Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) dedicated to industrial machine monitoring, embedded measurement, Engineering structure & Building management system, isolated sites & harsh environment. Beanair?? provides wireless sensors for both dynamic measurement (accelerometer, strain gauge) as well as static measurement (temperature, force, tilt). Its wireless technology has a very high availability rate in harsh environments.

About the BeanGateway??:

The BeanGateway?? is used to build and manage Beanair?? wireless sensor network. As a gateway, it controls the external access to the network through a highly secured authentification procedure. It supports the conversion of data exchanged, compression and IP connectivity with the network thereby reducing the intelligence required in these platforms, maintenance and therefore the associated cost.

About the BeanScape:

The BeanScape?? is a real time WSN supervision and control monitor. It allows the users to monitor and operate in real time BeanAir?? sensor network. The BeanScape?? is also equipped with a smart expert system that allows users to interpret elements such as data measures or alarms related to the sensor network.

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