Cross Bonding Earthing Fault Detected by DTS Surveillance in China

Cologne, Germany — The Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) online surveillance of a 220 kV power cable system in Xiamen Power Utility, China helps preventing a potentially serious large-scale high voltage cable fault.

Following the DTS system alarm indication the maintenance staff of the power utility was able to discover a grounding problem in one cross bonding box.

As the DTS system indicated this emergency at early stages and precise in location a blackout or a repair de-energising procedure could be successfully prevented.

This success story for online power cable temperature monitoring was presented at the recent Jicable conference , the 8th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables.

Download the full paper:

The necessity analysis of distributed fibre optic temperature monitoring by Xiamen power cable alarm case study

Essential for Smart Grid: Distributed Temperature Sensing for Real Time Power Cable and Overhead Line Monitoring

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