DI-4208 USB DAQ Product Preview

High-speed, 16-bit, Expandable USB DAQ

di4208-highspeed-usb-Online  — DATAQ Instruments previews its new Model DI-4208 USB data acquisition system (DAQ) slated for release in August, 2017.

This new instrument reinforces DATAQ Instruments’ extensive line of USB data acquisition (USB DAQ) products to offer easy channel expansion and measurements up to 100 Volts full scale.

Shipped products include a DI-4208 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and downloadable WinDaq/Lite software that records up to four channels at any sampling rate (purchase WinDaq/Unlock to record all channels, or to synchronize multiple units)

Features at a glance:

  • Eight armored analog differential inputs
    • Programmable range per channel: ±2, 5, 10, 20, 50 100 V full scale
    • Up to 120 V rms without damage
    • 50 dB common mode rejection
  • Supports ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization
  • Adaptable low-pass filter per channel
    • Corner frequency set as a function of sampling rate
  • 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • 160 kHz analog sample throughput rate
  • Seven digital ports
    • Programmable per port as an input or switch
    • Supports rate measurements to 50 kHz
    • Supports 16-bit counter
  • Wide-ranging software support includes:
    • Ready-to-run WinDaq software
    • .NET Class for Visual Studio program development
    • Published protocol for software development in non-Windows operating systems

Please click the following for more information:

DI-4208 product page

DI-4208 data sheet

As always, feel free to contact us at sales@dataq.com with any questions.

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