“Doctor Bob” is Technical Director of ElectricIR???

Dr. Bob Madding
Dr. Bob Madding

Greensboro, NC , USA — United Infrared, Inc. (UI) announces the appointment of Dr. Bob Madding as the Technical Director of its soon to be launched service module, ElectricIR???.?? As Technical Director of ElectricIR???,?? Dr. Madding, known to thousands in the industry as “Doctor Bob”, will provide technical direction for this application module as well as training and technical support to all of the ElectricIR??? member contractors.

Dr. Madding has been a practicing infrared thermographer since 1972 and is widely considered a pioneer within the industry. In 1978, he started the first infrared thermography seminar at the University of Wisconsin extension and in addition he co-founded the Thermosense Conference in 1978.

He has over 35 years experience in infrared thermography applications and training. He has published numerous technical papers and has contributed many technical chapters in text books on infrared thermography.

As Director of Training for FLIR Systems Infrared Training Center (ITC), Dr. Madding was a lead instructor and developed training course materials for all the ITC course offerings.

Dr. Madding wrote software and developed calculated algorithms for electrical load corrections amongst other infrared applications.

In 2000, he founded the Inframation Conference, currently the largest infrared conference in the world.

He is currently the President of RPM Energy Associates, LLC and maintains the highest level certification available with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) for thermography testing.

???We are thrilled to make this announcement,??? states Peter Hopkins, Vice President and Managing Partner of United Infrared, Inc.

???Our goal is to choose Technical Directors of the highest caliber in order to provide exceptional application-specific training for our members. Dr. Madding is one of the best thermographers in the world and has invaluable experience which will be a huge asset for our membership,??? he concludes.

Dr. Madding will be teaching the training classes at various locations around the US and consulting with ElectricIR??? thermographers.

???Having been directly involved in electrical infrared education and training as an instructor for over 35 years, it is an honor to be chosen as a Technical Director for United Infrared and its network of certified thermographers. I look forward to building upon this relationship and further adding to their staff of experts in the industry,??? states Dr. Madding.

???I have known Bob and respected his work for many years. He is a well-known member of the infrared community and his expertise will be a huge asset for this challenging module,??? states Greg Stockton, President of United Infrared, Inc.

???Dr. Madding is widely respected in the infrared industry and will be an invaluable resource for our network members,??? states Greg Stockton, President of UI.

???We are exceedingly pleased to have someone of Dr. Madding???s stature in the IR community as the director of this service module,??? he says.

United Infrared, Inc. is the largest network of multi-disciplined infrared thermographers in the world.

ElectricIR??? is a network of infrared thermographers trained in the application of electrical infrared surveys. By far, the most popular and widely used application of infrared thermography is electrical switchgear testing.

Electrical Infrared is now an integral part of any facility manager’s preventative/predictive maintenance (P/PM) program. United Infrared (UI) provides application-specific training and will soon launch our services division as a one stop ???shop??? for building managers and corporations with consistent and competitively priced services.

United Infrared, Inc. (www.unitedinfrared.com) provides applications-specific resource systems for contractors of infrared thermographic services. United Infrared, Inc. is a North Carolina Corporation created to help contractors add infrared technologies to their businesses. UI currently offers six other application modules: EnergyScanIR??? (www.energyscanir.com), BlockWallScanIR??? (www.blockwallscanir.com), EquineIR??? (www.equineir.com), RoofScanIR??? (www.equineir.com), MoistureFindIR??? (www.moisturefindir.com) and DataCentIR??? (www.datacentir.com) .

To learn more about United Infrared, Inc. and ElectricIR???, please visit www.unitedinfrared.com or call 888-722-6447.

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