E2S unique LED beacon for private fire systems and general signaling

UL Class I/II Div 2

he new D2xB1LD2 beaconHouston, TX, USA. — The new D2xB1LD2 beacon is UL1638 approved for private mode fire applications and general signaling duties from E2S Warning Signals.

The D2xB1LD2 beacon is available in a choice of red or grey enclosure colors with field replaceable UV stable polycarbonate lens color filters, field-replaceable without needing to access the enclosure and fitted with a stainless-steel guard as standard.

Candela ratings of 73.4 cd to UL1638 for private mode fire and 180 cd for general signaling applications ensure that the D2xB1LD2 beacon is the most effective LED signaling solution available for hazardous locations.

An array of high power Cree® LEDs provides minimal inrush and operating current and optimizes visibility in all directions.

The D2xB1LD2 beacon has five flashing modes: 1 Hz, 1.3 Hz, 2 Hz, double strike and triple strike with an effective output of up to 180 cd for warning applications.

The D2xB1LD2 beacon also has selectable high power and low power steady modes with outputs up to 87 cd for status signaling. DC voltage versions feature three remotely selectable stages, enabling different flash rates to be allocated to different processes or alarm conditions from one device.

With UL/cUL approval for Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2 and Class I Zone 2/22 as well as being IECEx and ATEX certified for Zone 2 and 22 applications, the D2x family of warning signals can be installed almost anywhere in the world.

The marine grade LM6 aluminum enclosure has a chromate and powder coated finish for maximum corrosion protection and conforms to NEMA Type 4/4X/3R/13 and EN60529 IP66 protection standards.

Plugable duplicate (four wire) terminations mean quick installation and enable multiple units to be looped or daisy-chained without requiring additional junction boxes.

Integrated monitoring diodes and user-configurable end of line options ensure compatibility with supervised control panels.

The D2xCDLD2 combination device features the D2xB1LD2 with a D2xS1 116dB(A), 64 tone UL464 alarm horn integrated into a single enclosure to create the most effective solution for audible and visual signalling, reducing cabling and installation costs.

E2S is the world’s leading independent signaling manufacturer. Based in West London, England the company designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of signaling products for industrial, marine and hazardous area environments. E2S products are available globally via their distribution network, details of distributors are available on the company’s website. Additionally, E2S has a dedicated distribution hub in Houston, Texas for local product distribution and technical support.

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