High-Speed Stand-Alone Data Loggers

Up to 200 kS/s sampling rates

The LGR-5320 Series are high-speed, stand-alone data loggers for analog and digital signals. Each module offers 16 analog inputs, 16 industrial digital inputs (up to 30 V), one single Form C relay (0.5 A) digital output for triggering/alarming, and four counter/encoder inputs.

All inputs are sampled synchronously. Data is stored on the included 4 GB SD memory card. Cards up to 32 GB are supported.

Configuration of the unit is handled in one of 2 ways: via a USB connection provided by a local host or via and SD memory card.

Data retrieval can be performed via the on-board USB port or via an SD memory card reader. Each module is powered by an included 9 V DC power supply.

Three models are available in the LGR-5320 Series. The LGR-5325 features up to ??10 V analog inputs, 100 kS/s sampling, four standard counter inputs (non-quadrature), and single-channel analog/digital trigger modes.

The LGR-5327 features up to ??30 V analog inputs, 200 kS/s sampling, four quadrature encoder inputs, and multi-channel trigger modes.

The LGR-5329 includes all the functionality of the LGR-5327 plus isolated digital inputs.

To learn more visit: www.mccdaq.com/products/LGR-5320-Series.aspx?MC=ENNOV10.

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