iRO Data Logger: Simple & Comprehensive Temporary Data Logging


Urdorf, Switzerland. – Temporary data logging is needed in many applications for process optimization, quality assurance, troubleshooting purposes or simply where access is limited.

The iRO temporary data logger from METTLER TOLEDO offers a unique solution providing comprehensive data, and easy installation and commissioning thanks to a new technology for analytical measurement systems.

The iRO (Intelligent remote operation) data logger records real-time measurements from in-line process analytical sensors.

Designed for temporary installation, the unit is fully compatible with METTLER TOLEDO’s range of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) digital sensors, and covers measurement of pH, oxygen and conductivity from up to two sensors simultaneously.

ISM technology is central to iRO’s feature set.

ISM provides faster sensor commissioning, more reliable measurements and data on sensor condition providing users with greater reassurance of process reliability.

Further, the low energy requirement of ISM means the rechargeable battery can power the unit for up to eight weeks.

Bluetooth communication allows remote operation for configuration and data read out, and as a battery-powered, stand-alone unit, no wiring is required for power supply or data acquisition.

An obvious use for iRO is in situations where access to the measuring point is difficult or limited. However, there are many other applications for the unit.

During process development and optimization of production processes in-line measurement of analytical parameters such as pH, oxygen concentration or conductivity is often vital. Using a temporary data logger to find the most suitable installation points for analytical instruments can save a great deal of time and add convenience.

The traceability of process parameters at different measurement positions is required for guaranteeing the reproducibility of a production process and compliance with validation requirements.

iRO is able to provide additional information to the existing measurement points without the need for complicated installation. In processes such as filtration, separation or filling of oxygen-sensitive products, oxygen contamination can significantly reduce the yield or quality of the final product.

To find the source of contamination by installing a complete measuring system at various points is costly and time consuming. iRO is installed quickly, requires no wiring and data can be read at any time.

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