Long-Range Active RFID Temperature Tag

For highly accurate, real-time data in identification, tracking, tracing & localization
Toronto, Canada ??? GAO RFID Inc. is offering a long-range active RFID tag. This RFID tag enables users to collect highly accurate, real-time data for identification, tracking and tracing, and localization. This long-range RFID tag, Model 137003, has an expandable memory of 32,000 bytes for information storage, an LED for visual recognition, and an internal sensor for temperature monitoring.

RFID tag, Model 137003, conveys data via progressive UHF radio frequency technology at distances of up to 100 feet from a handheld device or up to 300 feet from a fixed interrogator. This RFID tag features non-line-of-sight data transmission, temperature logging, industrial housing and a 6-year battery lifetime.


It offers a 100-tag/s identification rate and up to 2000 tags can be identified virtually simultaneously. In addition, its outstanding anti-collision multi-tag-handling algorithm provides clear communication to a large number of tags for tracking of assets or people.

Other products

The Model 137003 belongs to GAO???s family of RFID Semi-Passive Tags. Other products in this line also include Active RFID UFH Beacon Tag which uses advanced UHF technology and sends data to a mobile (handheld) or fixed reader (interrogator) at distances of up to 100 m, RFID Position Markers which is positioned near the induction loop and remains maintenance-free after setting the original parameters and Semi-Passive RFID Response Tag Series which offers precision real-time data collection for the identification, tracking, and localization of assets or people.

Whether it???s for secure access, event management, personnel tracking, or patient care, GAO RFID Inc.???s Solution for People Tracking is becoming an essential part of business. Keeping track of employees entering the building will help you manage your team better. Keeping track of who crosses access points will ensure a much safer security system.

Keeping track of everyone entering a trade show will definitely help the sales teams. With GAO RFID you are able to track people in a wide variety of situations for your specific purpose. Using RFID will help improve the efficiency, security, and overall profitability of your business.

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