One DAQ Board… Many Functions

The DT9818 is perfect for embedding in a custom application where isolation is required.

Marlboro MA, USA — Data Translation’s DT9818 is a high-performance USB data acquisition module that combines the functionality of multiple boards by providing simultaneous analog input and output, digital I/O, and counter/timer operations.

Many software choices make application development easy, from ready-to-measure programs that ship with the board to full graphical programming with their Measure Foundry application builder.

Key Features:

* 150 kHz throughput on both the A/D and D/A with 16-bit resolution
* 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input channels; channel type is software configurable
* Two deglitched analog outputs for smooth waveform generation
* 16 digital input/output lines that can be clocked synchronously with one bank of eight digital input lines that also support interrupt-on-change
* Two 32-bit counter/timer channels that can be clocked synchronously at the analog input rate
* 500 volt galvanic isolation prevents ground loops, maximizes analog signal integrity, and protects your computer
* Runs on USB power… no external power required
* Flexible clocking and triggering
* Flexible acquisition modes for input operations, and flexible output modes for output operations
* BNC case available as an option

OEM quantity pricing available.

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