Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Well

Quebec PQ, Canada — Opsens announces signing of a long-term agreement with Lios Technology GmbH (???Lios???) to provide an integrated solution to measure pressure and temperature in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells.

With this agreement, Opsens??? OPP-W high-temperature optical pressure and temperature sensor will be combined to LIOS??? high-temperature Distributed Temperature Sensing System (“DTS”) to provide a complete profile to optimize and improve SAGD well management.

Combining the two complementary well monitoring technologies incorporating temperature and pressure measurements from two leading suppliers of fiber optic based measurement systems contributed to the successful installation of their High Temperature solution into already several projects in Canada.

The benefit of this alliance is to combine complementary well surveillance solutions and apply the advanced concept on Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and other Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery wells. This concept of effective applied synergy expands the scope of measurements by offering pressure as well as distributed temperature (DTS) measurements.

With this integrated solution, the customer will have the ability to monitor pressure and temperature at the toe of the horizontal well, in addition to temperature along the entire wellbore with sub-meter spatial resolution.

The result will be a comprehensive wellbore profile which can be used for enhanced optimization and improved well management.

???We see considerable potential for LIOS distributed sensing products in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and we look forward to exploring further possibilities that this partnership between LIOS and Opsens can offer,??? says Gaetan Duplain, Opsens Vice President Oil and Gas.

Thomas Oldemeyer, Chief Executive Officer of LIOS Technology commented, “We’re exceptionally pleased to offer our products through Opsens Solutions. This partnership allows LIOS to operate in extreme harsh downhole environment and benefit of Opsens Solutions expertise in installation and completion of downhole instrumentation”.

In thermal recovery processes, Opsens??? OPP-W fiber optic sensor system provides oil sands producers with reliable real-time downhole pressure and temperature information about their SAGD wells during operation.

The ability to accurately control bottomhole pressure at high temperatures for artificial lift systems such as electrical submersible pumps allows SAGD operators to improve steam/oil ratios and to reduce operating and lifting costs.

For multiple well operations, this can provide millions of dollars in savings by reducing water treatment costs, optimizing natural gas consumption as it pertains to steam generation and enhancing the run time of artificial lift systems. Opsens Solutions??? also has an ongoing commitment to the development of reservoir surveillance solutions and for CO2-EOR, geological storage of CO2, and unconventional gas projects.

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Opsens is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of fiber optic sensors and associated signal conditioners based on proprietary patented and patent pending technologies. Opsens??? sensors provide long-term accuracy and reliability in the harshest environments. Opsens provides sensors to measure pressure, temperature, strain and displacement to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end-users in the oil and gas, medical and laboratory fields. Opsens provides complete technical support, including installation, training, after-sales service, for its fiber optics systems that are regulated by the ISO 9001-2008 norm.

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LIOS Technology (www.lios.biz) is the global leader in the development and supply of state of the art frequency domain based distributed temperature monitoring systems. The LIOS DTS product line comprises a range of real-time fiber optic based linear temperature measuring devices. Building on an innovative development in the field of fiber optic sensor engineering, LIOS provide customized solutions in various markets for modern asset management and global condition monitoring. LIOS Technology is wholly owned by the Danish industrial conglomerate NKT Holding A/S.LIOS Technology GmbH is based in Germany.

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