Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger in Surface Coating Uses

Grant Temperature Profiler Kit

Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Data Logger

CHESTERLAND OH, USA ?? — During the curing phase of a product process and/or a surface coating applications, one needs to ensure that the parts produced are both high-quality and durable.

Many manufacturers rely on an Oven Data Logger to obtain an accurate temperature profile for curing recipes in a wide range of part sizes.

For effective process monitoring, Grant OMK610 Oven Temperature Profile Data Logger does the job efficiently and effortlessly.

The data logger is part of a kit ideal for powder coating operations including oven manufacturing of automotive parts, vehicle components, household appliances, and more.

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Standalone Data Logger

To produce high-quality parts, you need high-accuracy temperature data. Passing through the process along with the products, oven data loggers create a detailed temperature profile giving you a full view of your heat treatment process.

The collected temperature data is a useful aid to minimize curing time while ensuring that parts aren???t under-cured.

The logger???s inputs connect to a broad range of Type T and Type K thermocouple probes and support high sample rates up to 8 samples a second, enabling fast process times.

Grant???s compact, battery-operated, 6-channel temperature data logger is designed specifically for through process and surface coating applications. The oven datalogger reports and stores the time and date onto its non-volatile memory, storing up to 260,000 secure readings.

It???s easy to navigate the menus through the intuitive 3-button design via the integrated display. The logger???s USB interface communicates with a PC for setup and data download.

Stainless Steel Thermal Barrier

The kit also includes a Custom-enhanced Thermal Barrier for effective heat absorption. This all-stainless steel enclosure gives the oven logger solid protection for years of use.

The barrier insulates it from paint and finishing ovens, safeguarding it against temperatures up to 250 ??C (482 ??F) for as long as 50 minutes.

A unique phase change heat sink insert can be added to the barrier to extend operation at 250 ??C to a full 100 minutes.

You???ll also receive a carrying case, a quick-start guide, and your choice of fast-response probes in clip-on, magnetic and combination types to capture both surface and air temperature measurements.

PaintView Software:

Grant???s oven data logger kit also includes the most recent version of PaintView, a user-friendly software package exclusively for the paint and finishing industry.

PaintView enables storage of pre-programmed cure data and display of calculated cure percentages at no extra cost.

You can also print graphical reports of each run via USB without having to use a PC.

Using PaintView, you can document batch-to-batch thermal processing and validate that the product has been produced in accordance with QA and product procedures. For example, you can analyze your temperature data to identify warmer spots in the oven to help stabilize the process.

If you???re a powder coating finisher, the data can enable you to reach the optimal cure level more effectively during the start-up process.

After you???ve programmed and entered your process into the oven logger, it keeps logging to maintain process consistency and integrity when duplicating projects.

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