Portable pH/ORP/Temp Meter

HI991002 Hand SILO

Woonsocket RI, USA –?? The HI 991001, HI 991002 and HI 991003 are pH/pH-MV/ORP portable meters well suited for plating baths, wastewater, swimming pool and spa water quality and environmental applications.

HI 991003 is a portable pH/pH-mV/ORP/temperature meter with our unique Sensor Check??? feature that allows the user to determine the electrode status at any time. HI 991002 measures pH/ORP/temperature while the HI 991001 measures pH/temperature.

The HI 1296D and HI 1297D pH probes feature a recessed flat tip that is easy to clean and prevents solids in solutions from collecting on the sensor. The titanium body of these probes function as a potential matching pin for increased stability of readings and extended sensor life.

These instruments easily fit in the palm of your hand and the bottom probe connection ensures the electrode cable doesn???t get in your way.

The large, multi-level LCD displays the primary reading, temperature and calibration instructions simultaneously. These meters offer high accuracy, ease of use and is affordably priced under $399.

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