Real Time Condition Monitoring for Samsung Mobile Display???s New Production Line

Samsung Mobile Display Co., a venture between Samsung Electronics Co. and its sister unit Samsung SDI Co., are building a new plant that produces displays used in phone handsets and small televisions.

The plant in Asan city, 42 kilometres southwest of Seoul, South Korea, will be completed by July next year. Samsung Mobile Display plans to spend 2.5 trillion won (US$2.11 billion) on the plant.

The joint venture will produce active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AM OLED) displays, which are used in portable devices such as mobile phones and small TVs.

LIOS Technology recently completed the installation of its real-time condition monitoring system supervising three 154 kV high voltage cable systems on site. Condition monitoring is based on LIOS??? Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) System OTS20P with a 16 channel fibre switch.

The distributed temperature profiles of the energy transmission systems made by Prysmian Cables & Systems are measured in real time by embedded fibre optics using >FIMT .

The DTS readings are visualised at the central control and dispatch centre ensuring save operation and allowing exploitation of the high voltage cable routes at full capacity potential (with material of Yonhap ).

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Distributed temperature monitoring of power cables

KEPCO 345 kV ???? ??? ??? ?? ????

About Lios Tech
LIOS Technology GmbH is a dynamic company based in Cologne, Germany, with an international outlook ??? it is a member of the NKT group. LIOS is the global leader in the development and supply of state of the art frequency domain based distributed temperature monitoring systems. The LIOS DTS product line comprises a range of real-time fibre optic based linear temperature measuring devices.

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