96th AMS Annual Meeting Press Tips for Wednesday

News Tips from the 96th AMS Annual Meeting

AMS2016 NewsOnline  —  Media are invited to attend these open press events at the 96th AMS Annual Meeting in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Events of interest for Wednesday January 13:

Aviation Weather Hazards to the National Airspace System. This session identifies and discusses several aviation weather hazards and how they impact usable areas in the National Airspace System. 8:30 AM-10:00 AM, Room 344

Urban Meteorology and Dispersion. Quantifying the impact of traffic-related air pollution on the indoor air quality of a naturally ventilated building. 8:30 AM, Room 243

Scientists Educating Scientists: How Outreach Begins-From the Pages of BAMS. Examining how the process of community wide education between scientists is fostered in BAMS through various editorial policies and author choices.8:30 AM, Room 353

Outreach and Broader Impacts. From science to storytelling: How satellite data connects to our daily lives. 9:45 AM, Room 353

13th Conference on Space Weather. A panel discussion on the National Space Weather Strategy and the National Space Weather Action Plan. 10:30 AM-12:00 PM, Room 352

Water: Too Much, Too Little. How Climate Information Supports Community Preparedness. The role of climate and water resources data in societal decisions. 8:30 AM, Room 335/336

Understanding Urban Growth and Climate Variability Impacts on Health, Adaptation, and Resilience. Coastal resilience to extreme weather and climate: A case study of applications on Long Island, New York. 8:30 AM, Room 255/257

Communicating Coastal Risk. Twitter during Sandy: Data analysis and insights for future events. 9:45 AM, Room 333-334

Resources to Help Scientists Communicate Climate Science (Invited Presentation). This talk will provide practical information and directions to valuable resources. 9:00 AM, Room 340/341

Urban Growth and Connections with Climate & Health. Climate change impacts in the United States: Benefits of global action. 10:30 AM, Room 228/229

Making Climate Information Available to Decision Makers: Challenges, Risks, and Uncertainty. This panel will discuss plans, strategies, challenges, perspectives, technologies, and the future of climate change information and services for society. 10:30 AM-12:00 PM, Room 244

Strategies, Tactics, and Opportunities for Operationalizing Multi-Disciplinary Expertise in Wx and Natural Hazard Context. Social and behavioral science for a weather ready nation: Coordinating OAR research to address NWS needs. 10:30 AM, Room 333-334

Town Hall Meeting: The Weather Value Chain of the Future: From Commercial Satellites to Crowdsourcing, and Everything In Between. 12:15 PM-1:15 PM, Room 243

Creating Societally Important Climate Indices. World weather attribution and well-being. 2:15 PM, Room 343

Weather and Climate Literacy and Citizen Science. Assessing the Usefulness of Citizen Science Information in Drought-Related Decision Making,.1:45 PM, Room 333-334

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