The 98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

7–11 January 2018 | Austin, TX

98th AMS Annula MeetingThe AMS Annual Meeting, the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community—to our specialty conferences, short courses, and events, brings together atmospheric scientists, professionals, students, authors, educators, researchers and weather enthusiasts from around the world to share and collaborate ideas about research.

“Transforming Communication in the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise”

Communication is a dynamic, powerful, and essential part of the weather, climate, and water enterprise. Successful communication requires active engagement – not only thinking about what, when, where, how, why, and to whom we speak but also carefully listening to better understand and respond appropriately.

Overall Planning Committee

Scott Mackaro: Chairperson

Julie Demuth, Veronica Johnson, Sonia Kreidenweis, Wendy Marie Thomas, and Roger Wakimoto
Organization Committee

Scott Mackaro: Chairperson

Phil Ardanuy, Lindsay Blank, Mark Carroll, Mike Cook, Genene Fisher, Vicki Graf, Muge Komurcu, Eric C. McCormick, Tashiana Osborne, Isha Renta, Walt Robinson, Somara Theodore, and Will Turner
AMS Committee Liaisons

Matt Sitkowski: Membership Committee liaison

Erik Nielsen: Student Conference liaison

Tim Heller: Broadcast Conference liaison

Local Planning Committee

Jon Zeitler: Chairperson

Troy Kimmel and Bob Rose

Program Chairpersons

Angel Adames, Philip Ardanuy, Bob Atlas, Tom Auligne, Lourdes B. Avilés, Bruce Baker, Morgan Barry, Robert Bauer, Mona Behl, Rich Behnke, Paul Bieringer, Gordon Brooks, Ken Carey, Margaret Caulfield, Andrew Clifton, Jeff Collett, Scott Collis, Kerry Cook, Marc Cotnoir, Gerry Creager, Michael DeFlorio, Belay Demoz, Aryeh Drager, Sheldon Drobot, Kerry Emanuel, Brian Etherton, Clark Evans, Nick Fang, Eric Fetzer, AJ Fox, Tanja Fransen, Zeljka Fuchs, Larry Gloeckler, Mitch Goldberg, Steven Hanna, Doug Heady, Tim Heller, David Hermreck, Douglas Hilderbrand, Stacey Hitchcock, Mike Hobbins, Adele Igel, Scott Jacobs, Michael Jamilkowski, Tara Jensen, Jonathan Jiang, Xianan Jiang, Michael Johnson, Veronica Johnson, Dave Jones, Erik Kabel, Satya Kalluri, Emil Kepco, Kevin Kloesel, George Komar, Chandra Kondragunta, Matt Lacke, Renee Leduc Clarke, Johnny Lin, Michael Lowry, Gudrun Magnusdottir, Sharan Majumdar, Stephen Mango, Maureen McCann, Alexandria McCombs, John McHenry, Gary McWilliams, Nazila Merati, Ottmar Moehler, Andrew Monaghan, Cecilia Miner, Masataka Murakami, Jinny Nathans, Cheryl Nelson, Jennifer Newman, Erik Nielsen, Matt Peroutka, Kenneth Pickering, Scott Powell, Roy Rasmussen, Jared Rennie, Carolyn Reynolds, Mike Robinson, Joshua Roundy, Elizabeth Satterfield, Timothy J. Schmit, Carl Schueler, Chris Schultz, Scott Sellars, Kathy Sherman-Morris, Viviane Silva, Jennifer Sprague, Justin Stachnik, Diane Stanitski, Fred Stoss, Philippe Tissot, Samantha Tushaus, Tiffany Vance, Jennifer Vanos, Roger Wakimoto, Tammy Weckwerth, Jeff Weil, Olga Wilhelmi, Mike Wiltberger, Klaus Wolter, Jim Yoe, Jeffrey Yuhas, Stephen Zebiak, Chidong Zhang, Fuqing Zhang, and Yu Zhang
Cosponsoring Societies

The following societies are cosponsoring the 98th AMS Annual Meeting: Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA); American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists (AAEES); American Geophysical Union (AGU); American Water Resource Association (AWRA); Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI); Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS); Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS); Chinese Meteorological Society (CMS); European Meteorological Society (EMS); Indian Meteorological Society (IMS); InterMET Asia; and The Oceanography Society.

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