Amazing Student Image & Weather Project

As reported by NEW SCIENTIST: Student project captures images of Earth from space
“A team of teenage students from Catalonia, Spain, calling themselves Meteotek have managed to launch a balloon into space to take photographs of the Earth.”

The image above shows a 3D view of the trajectory of their balloon-borne camera and instrumentation package, reaching an altitude of 30,483 meters, or just over 100,000 feet.

When quizzed for their web site about the purpose behind their experiments, a student replied: “We wanted to see the Earth from a point of view that we probably won’t be able to have ourselves. Also, we wanted to see if we were capable of producing and programming a sounding balloon, one that would register basic atmospheric conditions and take photos of the Earth.”

A complete pictorial record of their project can be seen by clicking here. This is accompanied by the original descriptions and story in the Catalan language. Their website also includes a link to Google Translate to recast the narrative in literally any of the world’s more common languages.