Detectors Help Businesses Protect Resources During Power Outages

Protect resources with AC voltage detectors & power monitor sensors

Sanford ME, USA ???(EMAILWIRE.COM) – Whether a company manages multiple servers housing corporate resources or walk-in freezers for a restaurant (both of which need to operate 24 hours a day), winter weather-induced power outages are not an option.

An outage, or switch to backup power, may be obvious during fully-staffed working hours. A lack of line voltage after hours may not be as obvious, leading to potential losses of data or other assets if the backup power supply can???t fully support the downed system.

Ravica helps companies protect these assets with their AC voltage detectors which monitor power supply conditions, alerting personnel to critical conditions where the UPS has switched to running on battery power.

???Ice build-up on power lines, heavy snow accumulations???winter weather can pose a risk to businesses heavily dependent on 24 hour power,??? says Ravica???s Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Jon Mills.

???When backup power sources kick in, they can???t always support everything in the system. Resources may have to be reallocated to make the most of the power available. Our AC voltage detectors make those decisions easier by alerting staff to power issues quickly.???

In addition to helping during overall power outages, AC voltage detectors can notify staff about any isolated power issues, to a room or even specific appliance or outlet. Employees don???t have to take risks testing potentially dangerous electrical connections.

The detectors work with Ravica???s SensorProbes, monitoring the power supply with an LED sensor indicating whether or not voltage is present.

To track longer-term power usage, Ravica also offers power monitor sensors. These sensors collect and report data and help to identify problems with power consumption.

This data potentially eliminates the need for manual power audits, and can help a company make better budgetary and environmental decisions.

Ravica offers more than SensorProbes and power monitoring solutions. They provide a full line of intelligent sensors to monitor various environmental and security issues such as temperature, airflow, motion, smoke, and temperature humidity sensors.

About Ravica
Ravica offers cost-efficient and functional environmental monitoring appliances such as intelligent sensors, as well as the BitSight and SecurityProbe SensorProbes.

The company, based in Maine, offers installed customer applications to monitor server / telecommunication rooms, cold storage warehouses, medical and research centers, air conditioning units, and more.

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