EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth (EUSTACE)

Screen Shot ETNOnline — A consortium led by the Met Office Hadley Centre will undertake a project called EUSTACE (EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of the Earth) within the EU Horizon2020 Framework programme.

Subject to signing of the Grant Agreement, this is expected to start in January 2015.

EUSTACE will attempt to produce globally complete daily analyses of surface air temperature since 1850.

Part of this activity will explore relationships between surface air temperature and surface skin temperature over land, ocean and ice and use existing surface skin temperature retrievals to estimate surface air temperature information.

In addition, work will be undertaken on the detection of discontinuities in daily station data, in the creation of consistent uncertainty estimates for skin temperature retrievals across all domains, in the development of new statistical techniques for the creation of globally complete fields, in validation and in user interactions.

Progress will be reported and discussed via the project website, in EarthTemp Network meetings and at EUSTACE general assemblies.

To register an interest in being kept up-to-date with progress or to register an interest in being a potential user of the output from the project, please email

Stephan Matthiesen, Ph.D.
Project manager (GHG, EarthTemp Network)

School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh
Room 307, Crew Building, Alexander Crum Brown Road,
Edinburgh EH9 3FF, Scotland
Tel: [44]-(0)131-6514444 or -6661880 (home)