FREE SatCam & WxSat Weather iOS Apps with Purpose!

By UW-Madison’s SSEC

SatCam IconMadison WI, USA?? –?? SatCam lets you capture observations of sky and ground conditions at the same time that an Earth observation satellite is overhead.

WxSat (short for Weather Satellite) displays and animates full-resolution, real-time weather satellite data

When you capture a SatCam observation and submit it to their server, it helps the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of Wisconsin check the quality of the cloud products that they create from the satellite data.

obs-1In return, they send you the satellite image that was captured at your location, anywhere in the world!

SatCam supports the Terra, Aqua, and Suomi NPP satellites.

SatCam and WxSat were developed at the Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison .

WxSat?? is a simpler iOS app that displays and animates full-resolution, real-time weather satellite data.


iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone WxSat Screenshot 1

WxSat leverages SSEC Data Center holdings to provide global coverage for visible, infrared, and water vapor channels.

Both apps are free and available at the iTunes Store, respectively:

SatCam at:

WxSat at:

SSEC’s scientists and engineers seek to improve our understanding of atmospheric processes and phenomena. They are dedicated to cutting-edge research in earth and space science, from designing and demonstrating new instrument technology to developing algorithms, creating products, and analyzing information, to sharing their data, tools??and knowledge with others. Follow along as they continue to forge a path from concepts to data to understanding, and back again.


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