The Future of the Global Weather Enterprise:

Opportunities & Risks

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS)

“Changes to the global weather enterprise are providing opportunities and risks for its future development.

“The Global Weather Enterprise (GWE) encompasses the scientific research, technology, observations, modelling, forecasting, and forecast products that need to come together to provide accurate and reliable weather information and services that save lives, protects infrastructure, and enhance economic output.

“It is a value chain from weather observations to ultimately the creation of actionable analysis-and-forecast weather information of huge benefit to society.”

“The GWE is a supreme exemplar of the value of international co-operation, public-private engagement, and scientific and technological know-how. It has been a successful enterprise but one that has ever-increasing requirements for continual improvement as population density increases and climate change takes place so that the impacts of weather hazards can be mitigated as far as possible.

“However, the GWE is undergoing a period of significant change arising, for example, from the growing need for more accurate and reliable weather information, advances coming from science and technology, and the expansion of private sector capabilities.

“These changes offer real opportunities for the GWE but also present a number of obstacles and risks that could, if not addressed, stifle this development, adversely impacting the societies it aims to serve.

“This essay aims to catalyse the GWE to address the issues collectively, by dialogue, engagement and mutual understanding.

“Corresponding author: Alan Thorpe, 4 Denmark Avenue, Woodley, Reading RG5 4RS, UK
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