Ground based icing detection on aircrafts

A new application for the CHM15K ceilometers?

 Ceilometer CHM 15k "NIMBUS" The cloud height sensor / Lidar based Ceilometer CHM15k series is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate.A first case study – ABSTRACT:

Online — Aircraft icing is a known hazard in the aviation field that results from supercooled liquid water in clouds impacting aircraft surfaces.

Detecting icing conditions is an important step in keeping aircrafts out of harm’s way.

However, detecting icing conditions aloft can be difficult.

In this preliminary study, data from a Lufft CHM15K ceilometer were analyzed to determine if the sensor could detect icing conditions aloft.

Authored by: Jaylond Harvey
Academic Affiliation, Fall 2017: Senior, Jackson State University
SOARS ® Summer 2017

Science Research Mentor: Scott Landolt
Writing and Communication Mentor: Jamie Wolff
Computing Mentor: Kyoko Ikeda
Coach: Matt Paulus
Peer Mentor: Ryder Fox

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