HC2S3-L Temp & RH Probe

For Weather Monitoring
Logan UT, USA –?? Campbell Scientific’s HC2S3 is a rugged, accurate temperature and humidity probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications on weather monitors and similar uses. The probe uses an advanced capacitive sensor to measure relative humidity.

The probe includes a filter to protect the sensor from dust and particles, for superior performance and reliability.

HC2S3-L Benefits

  • Well-suited for long-term, unattended applications
  • Accurate and rugged
  • Mounts to a tripod or tower mast, crossarm, or user-supplied pole
  • Compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers (including the CR200(X) series)

The HC2S3 comes with a polyethylene filter that protects its sensor from fine dust and particles and minimizes water absorption and retention. Alternatively, a Teflon filter is available for marine environments. The response time is slower when using the Teflon filter.


The HC2S3 should be housed in a 41003-5 10-plate naturally-aspirated solar radiation shield. This radiation shield mounts to a tripod or tower mast, crossarm, or user-supplied pole.

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