IceSpy Anywhere

New web based system from Silvertree Engineering with GPRS connectivity

System5 loggerTruro, UK — As the name suggest, “AnyWhere” allows you to monitor remote sites that may not have PCs, telephone lines or IT infrastructure to store or transmit data to where you want it. System5 logger/transmitters are coupled with the “AnyWhere” Base Unit to transmit data via a GPRS connection to web server.

You can receive alarms 24hours a day via email or text message. And a streamline web-based system can be accessed from any PC with internet access, to allow further investigation.

IceSpy AnyWhere gives you the ultimate in remote monitoring:

* Web-based means you can access your system from anywhere with an internet connection
* No software installation required. Many customers prefer to keep some systems separate from their existing IT system.
* IceSpy AnyWhere allows you to monitor sites with no telephone lines or internet connection, by using GPRS (similar to mobile phone) technology.

About Silvertree Engineering

Based in the UK, Silvertree Engineering Ltd was established in 1988, specialising in temperature monitoring, data acquisition and data loggers.

The first IceSpy products were developed in the early 1990???s. Since this date, continuous product development and innovation has kept Silvertree at the forefront of temperature monitoring and radio telemetry.

Our team of specialist designers have developed an award winning wireless technology enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of flexible and easy to use data logging systems to a wide variety of high profile clients. Our latest range of products the System5 were introduced to the market in November 2004.

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