Maximum Instruments for air & water temps

Weather Temperature??Sensors

Maximum manufactures sensors for both air and water temperatures.?? The sensor element for both sensors is??a precision thermistor (YSI #44006 Equivalent), a solid state device which changes its resistance inversely proportional with temperature from 150,000 Ohms at??the low end to 1,500 Ohms at the high end.?? Interchangeability of thermistors is ??0.2 ??C; time constant 10 seconds.

Air Temperature

AIR_SensorDTPrecision thermistor potted in a??nickel-plated, brass probe that is 1/2″ O.D. and??1.00″ in length. Includes 60′, 22 AWG, 2-wire, UV protected cable.

Dimensions:??1.75″??high x??1.31″??diameter
Weight: 0.87 oz.. (excluding 60′ cable)



Water Temperature

WAT_SensorIntended for boats, pools and hot tubs, this precision thermistor is potted in a??solid Naval bronze rod, bored to accept the thermistor in its very end, along with potted wiring.?? Includes 60′, 22 AWG, 2-wire, UV protected cable.

Dimensions:??3.00″??long x??0.38″??O.D.
Weight: 1.15 oz.. (excluding 60′ cable)

Maximum??also offers a complete line of??analog and digital electronic thermometers that??utilize either or both of our temperature sensors.?? Click??here for more information about these instruments.

Maximum, Inc. is a Massachusetts based manufacturer of quality weather sensors, instruments and??stations for both commercial and consumer applications. Weather??sensors are offered for monitoring wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and rainfall.?? Instruments and stations are available with analog and digital displays, housed in metal, plastic or wooden enclosures.

Products include a selection of 3-cup anemometers; dual set-point wind alarms; hand held anemometers and fixed location wind, temperature and rainfall instruments.

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